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Durable Steel & ‘Wrought Iron’ Style

We can fabricate steel to a wide range of designs – from the ornate to the purely functional.”

“Wrought Iron” or Steel?

We could have called this section “Wrought Iron Gates & Railings”, but that would be misleading.

Almost everything that is thought of as ‘Wrought Ironwork’ is actually of electrically welded construction in mild steel, which is then formed to classic wrought iron designs.

Broadland Products Ltd is always pleased to advise the level of design which best suits your needs and, most importantly, your budget.

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High Quality Protection for your Gates & Railings

After fabrication, steelwork needs protection and we are able to provide a number of options to ensure that your work remains rust free & looking good for years to come.

Our recommended finish would be galvanised and polyester powder coating. Not only does this give the best long lasting protection against corrosion, but also provides you with a wide range of easy maintenance colour options.

This level of finish would certainly be our choice for any residential application, railings or drive gates, where appearances really matter.

Hot Dip Galvanising

For an industrial, finish we recommend hot dip galvanising. This gives lasting protection against corrosion, an alternative to galvanising for smaller parts is bright zinc passivation, this is available in silver, gold and black.

Our First Class Installation Service

To complete your work we offer a full installation service carried out by our own team of specialist installers.

We also work closely with a number of reputable & reliable local builders and fully qualified electricians for the installation of electrically operated drive gates.

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Styles and Prices

Click here to view our range of gates and different railings styles and guide prices.


Styles and Prices

Click here to view our range of gates and different railings styles and guide prices.